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Bamboo Sensitive Washcloths, 5 pack

These little softies are perfect for adult, child and baby skin! They reach into the tiniest of places, with silky perfection. This 5 pack will keep you stocked with softness, and contains one of each of the 5 fun trim colours. Makes for a PERFECT baby shower gift!

Crafted by hand with sustainable and Eco-friendly Bamboo (the fastest growing plant on Earth), these washcloths come in a rainbow of colours to suit any mood and all occassions.

Bamboo is silky smooth and soft as butter, and possesses strong moisture-wicking properties to keep your wee ones dry and odour-free.

Our Sensitive washcloths are absolutely Essential!


Each cloth measures 12" x 12"

Handmade in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Fabric Contents: 70% Bamboo / 30% Organic Cotton

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