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Bamboo King Pillow Case

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Sleep on a cloud in ultimate softness! (You'll WANT to go to bed!) Our brand new Bamboo King Pillow Case will transform your bed into the ultimate sleeping haven. If you sweat at night, are a "hot" person, or just want to sleep on the most comfortable pillow case ever, this is for you! The case feautures our ultra soft bamboo interlock, double case band, and four fun trim colours.

Our case fits all pillows. If smaller than a king, simply fold the excess under, and voila!

Crafted by hand with sustainable and Eco-friendly Bamboo (the fastest growing plant on Earth), these pillow cases come in a rainbow of colours to suit any mood and all occasions.

Bamboo is silky smooth and soft as butter, and possesses strong moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and odour-free.

Available in natural colour only.


Handmade in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Fabric Contents: 70% Bamboo / 30% Organic Cotton