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Bamboo Hand Towel

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This hand towel is made with bamboo terry and is super soft and perfect for adult, child and baby skin! They are durable and great for many uses, with silky perfection. Pair with one of our adult bamboo bath sheets and washcloth sets for ultimate luxury!

When you are done using them for bathtime, use them in your kitchen!  Also great for use as a burpcloth... This cloth is super absorbent, fluffy, great for polishing, and won't hold odours like traditional cotton.

Crafted by hand with sustainable and Eco-friendly Bamboo (the fastest growing plant on Earth), these washcloths come in a rainbow of colours to suit any mood and all occasions.

Bamboo is silky smooth and soft as butter, and possesses strong moisture-wicking properties to keep your wee
ones dry and odour-free.


Each cloth measures 16" x 30"

Natural colour only

Handmade in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Fabric Contents: 70% Bamboo / 30% Organic Cotton